About Nutrition For Weight Loss

Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi, A well renowned name in the field of DNA Genetic Nutrition Analysis, which is based on your parenting DNA which provides a suitable path for the individual to overcome all barriers upholding Nutri-Genomics diet for well being. He is a pioneer of DNA based diet in Gujarat. He is translating Nutri-Genetic Research into dietary practice by setting adequate coordination between Genes and Nutrition for Weight Management.

Currently, he is a coordinator of a renowned Intensivist of Ahmedabad. He has huge experience of about 9 years in the critical care medicine field. He is qualified as a BHMS from Ahmedabad Medical College. Further, to expand his knowledge and skill in related fields he expertise himself in Certified Food and Nutrition (CFN) From IGNOU in 2016. Dr Rushikesh Trivedi treated more than 200+ clients across globe through one to one counseling and E- clinic counseling facility. 

He had treated numerous patients suffering from Lifestyle Diseases like DM, Hypertension, Sleeping Disorders and Obesity-Related Diseases. Presently he is one among a few medical practitioners in our state who has adequate knowledge of medicine & DNA-based diet. 

He has done lot of Research Studies on Genetic Nutrition Testing, DNA Test for Diet Nutrition, Genetic Testing for Diet and Exercise, Weight Management Genetic Tests, DNA and Nutrition, Personalized Diet, How to lose weight fast, Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast so on.

He took up the practical challenge to test the Research Studies on own self and treated himself by DNA-based diet, on trial basis to analyze this method of treatment first. so he started his journey to treat himself for 6 months and he gains 12kgs in 5 months with help of DNA-based diet. With the help of DNA-based diet, he has introduced the latest trend in medical treatment which will help the individual to identify his/her genetic problems and find appropriate solutions for the same. Presently, Dr Rushikesh Trivedi is practicing as one of the best Metabolic Expert and Weight Management specialist in Gujarat.


Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi