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DNA diet is an exclusive diet plan by Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi which focus primarily on Genetic Based Weight Management Practices where we are focusing on changing your dietary pattern through unique DNA(Genetic)Testing.

We are a pioneer in Gujarat to introduced DNA-Based Diet aiming to take DNA diet to INDIA's next level of weight loss program via balanced diet recipes. We also take the privilege to be the first in Gujarat in translating Nutri-Genetic Research in healthy diet practice.DNA is the core substance of our body that we carry from birth till death. Our DNA defines each and every characteristic of our body hence-forth we cannot change it thought-out our life so we will have to adapt our lifestyle as per the core characteristics of our DNA for healthy living.

DNA diet is not kind of diet restrictions, it is an alternative of nutrition diet schedule where you don’t have to cut your calories but we plan your diet in such a way that the food is responsible for your weight gain or weight loss program irrespective of any advice to intake any type of harmful mass gain powder or medicine which will have negative impact in long-term. Along with weight management, In DNA diet we also provide the blueprint of your health status like a person may be susceptible to Diabetes, hypertension or lifestyle disease in future. Now manage your weight problems with Hi-Tech Genetic Testing methods under expert supervision only with one of its own kind at DNA diet By Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi.

"To help our clients with most validated, accurate and actionable genomic information to improve or maintain Health and Wellness through personalized diet plans i.e. DNA-based diet plan"

Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi

Founder, DNA diet

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